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My World Youth Day experience reminds me that our life is a pilgrimage on the way to heaven.

My journey begins when I signify to be part of the MFC Philippine delegation. Right after that, our rollercoaster ride begins. From selling raffle tickets and solicitation, to our visa application and denial, to reapplying again and rebooking our flights, and finally being able to experience the long walks, trekking uphill under the heat of the sun in Lisbon, Portugal. Indeed, it is a long journey that teaches me to be more patient and faithful to God’s will in my life.

I thank the Lord, for this spirit and grace filled experience. Because of this World Youth Day, I realize that my life itself is a pilgrimage on the way to heaven. We were able to endure in the long walks simply because we knew that our destination would lead us closer to Jesus Christ.

It’s a realization that in our path to holiness the destination should be our motivation and that is to be with Jesus Christ.

That’s why we need to keep walking without fear while carrying the joy of the gospel and proclaiming it to other people. Because the pilgrimage on the way to heaven is not just for us, but for all. I pray that all these young people who attended the world youth day continue their pilgrimage in life, and I hope that more MFC Youth members will be able to experience this once in a lifetime experience.

May we all arise and go in haste to where God wants us to be and that is in heaven!


Kuya Smith Pinera is our Fulltime Worker. He is a fulltime worker assigned in Visayas and in MFC CAMPUS. He loves writing rap songs and making streetstyle design for an apparel.

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