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19:00—19:15 VEYC Countdown
19:15—19:30 Opening production
19:30—19:50 Opening Worship
19:50—20:45 VEYC Session 1
20:45—21:15 Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
21:15—21:45 Praisefest
21:45-21:50 Announcements
10:00—10:05 VEYC Countdown
10:15—10:35 Morning Worship
10:35—14:00 Workshops
14:00 Gathering
14:10—14:30 Afternoon Worship
14:30—15:30 VEYC Session 2
15:30—16:00 Praisefest
16:00—16:05 Announcements
13:30—13:35 VEYC Countdown
13:35—14:30 Celebration of the Holy Mass
14:40—16:00 VEYC Session 3
16:00—16:25 Awarding & Closing Remarks
16:25—16:30 Closing


A workshop that aims to reflect upon our friendships and inspire us to be more authentic.

A workshop that aims to be open to talk about having mental health issues and give practical options how to deal with it better.

A workshop that aims to enlighten her figure as the mother of God and big influence in our relationship with Jesus.

A workshop that aims to help overcome our hesitation and fears in going to confession.

A workshop that aims to reflect upon our lives on earth and in eternity.

A workshop that aims to inspire us how to prepare ourselves for the one.

A workshop that aims to deepen our relationship with God in our daily lives.

A workshop that aims to inspire us how to spend our time more joyfully and with purpose.

A workshop that aims to strengthen our service and relationship with God as servant leaders.

As MFC Youth Coordinators it is also important to stay attentive and spiritually nourished to be able to guide the younger generation. Workshop and Session only for Coordinators.

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