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19:00—19:15 VEYC Countdown
19:15—19:30 Opening production
19:30—19:50 Opening Worship
19:50—20:45 VEYC Session 1
20:45—21:15 Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
21:15—21:45 Praisefest
21:45-21:50 Announcements
10:00—10:05 VEYC Countdown
10:15—10:35 Morning Worship
10:35—14:00 Workshops
14:00 Gathering
14:10—14:30 Afternoon Worship
14:30—15:30 VEYC Session 2
15:30—16:00 Praisefest
16:00—16:05 Announcements
13:30—13:35 VEYC Countdown
13:35—14:30 Celebration of the Holy Mass
14:40—16:00 VEYC Session 3
16:00—16:25 Awarding & Closing Remarks
16:25—16:30 Closing


As we get to meet new people and built wonderful friendships in our community, we sometimes don’t dare ourselves to speak out the truth, when we see them slowly going into a wrong direction. This because we we don’t want to hurt their feelings. Let us deepen our friendships and choose more authenticity!

To be struggling mentally or emotionally can be very difficult to experience and even harder to talk about. Yet, it is important to acknowledge our emotions and to understand our situation for us to be able to withstand with grace.

Mother Mary’s humble yet strong role as mother of God did influence history in so many ways. She must clearly not be understood as an only silent prayerful holy person, she is more than that. Let us find out why!

Confessing their sins in front of a priest can be very scary and uncomfortable for us sometimes. However, there is a wonderful truth behind the sacrament of confession.

Many people in our world only start thinking about their afterlife when they already reached a higher age, while we as young Catholics can prepare ourselves for eternity much earlier. We are meant to be with Christ in heaven and how we choose to live our lives right now matters.

Finding your “the One” or the right person usually takes time. That’s why it’s important for us to wait patiently and actively. Let’s talk about a few tips on how we can wait and prepare ourselves for the One!

When was the last time you prayed? How are you in your prayer life? Let us discover together the goodness of this gift called prayer and how we should offer it back to God as a gift as well; and learning how to overcome life’s struggles in prayer. In the end, choosing the “good portion, which shall not be taken away” from us.

As we grow up in Europe, we are blessed with so much freedom and opportunities in our lives! We often even wish to be part of every experience in order not miss out all the fun we can have! Neverthless, it is important to find a good balance to be able to continue your walk with Jesus.

Being a leader is not always easy as we encounter many challenges in our lives. Yet, we are called for discipleship and holiness, for we know that only with God can we experience the fullness of life. As leaders let’s be an example of building strong on solid rock. This assembly is open to Core Servants, Area Core Commited Servants, Household Servants and up.

As MFC Youth Coordinators it is also important to stay attentive and spiritually nourished to be able to guide the younger generation. Workshop and Session only for Coordinators.

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