World Youth Congress 2020

All Stars Presentation Guidelines

This year’s Virtual World Youth Congress 2020 aims to extend the avenue for different MFC Youth members to showcase their God-given talents through All Stars Presentations.

Here are the guidelines:

  1. This is open to all registered delegates of the VWYC 2020.
  2. Any group or individual interested in joining should submit a video presentation with maximum of 3 minutes in length showcasing any kind of talent. It can be in any creative art form such as singing, dancing, poetry, acting, etc.
  3. Each area is allowed to have a maximum of one (1) entry per area.
  4. Choreography, costumes, scripts and chosen music should be wholesome. All vulgar and suggestive scenes will automatically lead to disqualification. All entries must be screened and approved by their respective Area Servants and Area Coordinators.
  5. For entries to be official, participants must fill out the All Stars Presentation Entry Form (see attached All Stars Form) and send the video file with all supporting files (such as song lyrics, compositions, scripts, poems, etc.) to with the name of the subject as “AllStarsEntry_Name of Area on or before July 21, 2020. Once an entry is approved, a confirmation will be sent. NO ENTRIES will be accepted after the set deadline.
  6. These are the guidelines in recording your All Stars Presentation Video Entry:
    • You can use an SLR camera or your phone camera to do the video Make sure the camera and audio of your phone is of good quality.
    • Place your camera at eye level and make sure it is stable.
    • Make sure to shoot your video in a well-lighted location.
    • We require you to have your video in landscape/ horizontal view.
    • Make sure that the file format of the video is *.mp4
  1. For inquiries and information, you may contact the coordinator for the All Stars Presentation, Gilora Rabago at 0908-3263242 / 0927-6333672 or e-mail her at
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