YFL iSikat

The iSikat has always been an avenue for different YFL members to showcase their God-given talents in front of all the other YFLs from different parts of the Philippines and even the world! Here are the guidelines for WYC 2017’s iSikat:

General Guidelines

  1. This is open to all registered delegates of the WYC 2017 “Undefeated, March of the Holy Warriors”.
  2. Any group or individual interested in joining will be given a maximum of three (3) minutes to showcase any kind of talent.
  3. Each area is allowed to have a maximum of one (1) entry per area.
  4. Choreography, costumes and chosen music should be wholesome. All vulgar and suggestive motives will automatically lead to stopping of music. All entries must be screened by their respective Area Servants.
  5. Participants should pass their song lyrics, audio files, compositions, scripts or poems in a flash drive to the WYC 2017 Program Committee through their respective Area Servants on or before April 14, 2017.
  6. For entries to be official, participants must fill out the iSikat Entry Form (which can be downloaded by clicking the picture below) and send it to <wyc2017isikat@gmail.com> with the name of the subject as “iSikatEntry_Name of District”. Once an entry is approved, a confirmation will be sent.

No entries shall be accepted after the set deadline.

For inquiries and information, contact Alyssa De Ocampo at 09066710621 or email her at <wyc2017isikat@gmail.com>

iSikat Form

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