Matthew 25:14-30

The Lord has blessed us with so many things in life. He has given us everything that we need, and would still provide for us what we need in the future. It is simply because our loving God is also a generous God. He gives us more than what we expect and deserve.

With this premise, we know that all things belong to Him. He is the owner of our resources, and we are merely His stewards. It is imperative, then, that we thank the Lord, give back and even multiply what He has entrusted to us. We ought to give back to God our time, talent and treasure by being good stewards.

One of our concrete expressions of gratitude to God is through financial stewardship. It is about managing wisely, unselfishly and in accordance with God’s plan what the Lord has entrusted to us.

In CFC YFL, financial stewardship is translated to YFL God Is Generous (YFL GIG).




What Is YFL GIG?

“God loves a cheerful GIG-er.”

YFL GIG (God Is Generous) is the tithing system of the youth ministry of CFC FFL. Its end goal is to impart to the youth the habit of giving what is due to God. YFL GIG seeks to teach the youth about financial stewardship by teaching them the concept of tithing.

Tithing means giving ten percent (10%) of an individual’s income after taxes from whatever source. The tithe is given to the immediate body of Christ of which one is a part, and where one draws support for one’s Christian life.


Tithing in CFC YFL

The youth are no different from adults. We have the same God that blesses us so much in life. If we love God, we need to love our neighbor as well. Tithing is a reflection of our concern for others, because our contributions help in making missions possible. Our contributions enable to continue CFC FFL’s work of evangelization and family renewal.


GIG Scheme

YFL will identify 1,500 GIG-ers who will give at least PHP100.00 monthly. This GIG-ers can be an individual, households, or even an entire chapter. For online enrollment to GIG, click here.

YFL GIG is mandated to all Chapter Servants and up. Household servants and other youth who are generous and financially capable can also participate by signifying interest to the Full Time Pastoral Worker in charge of their area.

We can do this by reviving the 5DM “5-A-Day Mission” – 5 pesos a day – to easily raise PHP100.00 a month.

Each GIG-er will be indentified and be enrolled in the official YFL GIG List. They will be given a YFL GIG kit (commitment sheet, tithes envelope, “I Am A GIG-er baller”) He or she will also get a reminder every 1st day of the month that there will be a collection of tithes on the 15th.


GIG-er’s Profile

Giving personal and financial support through the YFL GIG is an expression of our gratitude to God. Every youth, most especially the top leaders of YFL, who supports the cause of renewing the family and defending life are encouraged to give tithes.


Monitoring of Tithes

There will be a GIG Coordinator* per district. Tithes will be collected every 15th of the month. GIG-ers will turn in their tithes to their GIG Coordinator or to the FFL Home Office – Accounting (Manila) directly. The YFL GIG-er will be given a receipt, which the YFL Secretariat should have a copy of.

Note: A GIG Coordinator can be a CFC member or Mission Volunteer. All he or she needs to do is to collect the tithes of YFL GIG-ers.


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