The world is hungry for beauty. The youth of today search for it in the latest music trends, dance crazes, and internet articles. What they see is not always necessarily the truth. Both media and literature have become battlefields for the hearts and minds of young people all around the world.

The LIT program endeavors to fight this battle with meaningful and inspiring art. It is designed to cater to artists, creators, and communicators and will serve as a means to rapidly evangelize the youth by spreading the Good News through a multitude of art forms.


“Bring Christ to your passions”

Programs Offered


  • Production
    • Events Training
  • Talents
    • Music Ministry
    • MFC Youth DC


  • Graphics and Design
    • Posters
    • Logos
    • Promotional Materials
    • Training and Speaker Materials
    • Apparel Designs
  • Video & Documentation
    • Event Documentation
    • Recap Video
    • Videos needed by the Ministry
  • Website and Writers pool
    • Event write-ups and reflections
    • Social Media update
    • MFC Youth Website


  • Merchandise
    • Shirts
    • Apparel
    • Equipment (Water Containers, Umbrella, etc.)
  • Promotions
    • Daily Inspirations poster
    • MFC Youth Highlights

For inquiries, please contact Karen Anne Penetrante at <+63(2) 718-2213> or via email at <>

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