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I started to become a servant of God in my 3rd-year college through the Campus-based activities. Since then, the fire in my heart kept burning; and I had only one desireto be a student missionary. As a missionary, I consistently gave my YES to every event I was called. But we always have crosses to carry, and my greatest one was money.

“Pumunta ka kahit saan basta ‘wag ka sa amin hihingi ng pera.”

My parents were unable to support my mission life financially, as we had many bills to pay. But since Jesus Christ embraced His own cross, I did it too.

“Tsok, free ka ba? Serve ka naman!”

Every time people asked me this question, I confidently gave my YES even if at the back of my mind, there were always the questions of where and how I can get money for the registration.

My college allowance only ranged from 20-50 pesos. To attend future campus events, I had to save money. And to save money, I had to limit my expenses to my transportation. I never hesitated in giving my brave YES to Him, and because of this, I believe that He is doing something just for me to attend those events. The number of fingers I have won’t be enough to count the number of events I have attended, the number of provinces in Luzon and Visayas that I have visited because of that brave YES.

As a student, it was very hard to balance time. I remember that summer before entering 4th Year college, my thesis mate told our group that we had to meet during the break for our thesis. But that summer, God needed me, too.

“Jazper, kailan tayo magmi-meet for our thesis?”

The only response I could give them was “Sorry, I’m on a mission trip.” My task for our thesis was the Documentation. Our system was progressing. Everything was going welleverything, but not my part. And on the first day of school, our professor asked for copies of our documentation.

We were one of the few groups who were unable to provide the said copy.

Truthfully, I was worried during those days, but I never regretted that I prioritized God’s call.

I started doing our documentation and I always asked for God for His guidance. In just 2 to 3 weeks, Chapters 1 – 5 were done with only a few minor revisions, and at the end of the semester, there was an exhibit of all IT Projects that our batch made.

By the grace of God, we received the Best in Project Documentation.

He is a faithful God. He never forgets those times we prioritized Him over something and rewards us with things we don’t expect or deem possible. I have heard stories from others, stories that are similar to mine, and we have been rewarded, some topped their exams, some became Dean’s Listers, and some finished college on time. All of these great encounters happened because we have allowed God to use us.

I have always given what the Lord wanted from me, and that’s the three-letter word Y.E.S.  And because He is a generous God, and He wants to grant the desires of my heart, He also gave me the three letters I wanted after my name. I’m Jazper Jaevid Rojas, LPT, and for that, may God be praised.

Jazper Rojas is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the Luzon Missions Team.

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