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Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of CFC-FFL, it came to my mind that the Lord has done great things not just to me but also to my family. I really thank the Lord for the blessing He continuously gives me. And one of that is having a gift of parents being part of this community. Without them, I will not know Christ even more.

I want to honor my dad for being a great father to us. My dad is a full time pastoral worker of our community for 16years. From a renewed man to a full time worker. God really changes lives and I’m very thankful that He got my dad. Though sometimes challenges came to our family, but I know that God will always be there for us. There was a time that he was diagnosed with heart problem and needed an open heart surgery. It was very successful! With the help of God as the greatest healer and this community; through the power of prayers, my father gained his second life and I’m proud that he’s back in doing missions once again; a father that has nothing to boast but God alone and a living testimony of God’s greatness to His people.

I want to honor my mom, for being patient to us. Raising 4 boys and 2 girls is not easy! For being the main source of our finances in our family and for embracing the call of my dad to be full time pastoral worker. Not all mothers can do that! That’s why I want to thank the Lord for having the best mom in this world!

I really thank the Lord for the greatest gift he had given to my family; the CFC-FFL community. We will not be in this state right now if we don’t have this community. I remember my mom, when he was talking to my uncle, she said that “Kung wala kami sa community, hindi ko alam kung nasan kami ngayon”. This is so true! If we don’t have this community, my family might be broken, and we are not close as we are right now. This is really the work of the Lord through this community!

And personally, the Lord touched my life. I never imagined that I will be in this state right now. This year I also answered the call of the Lord, to be a full time pastoral worker just like my father! I remember when I was in middle school, when someone asked me what was the work of my father; I simply answered “an employee”, but that time I knew already that he was a full time worker; guilt came into my heart why did I say that. Now, I realize that his work was not just a regular employee, but a full time pastoral worker that helps renew the face of the earth; to evangelize people and helping others to know more about Christ. And I’m proud that I will be working with my dad! Surrendering all my dreams for myself and for my family and just allowing God to work with it! I may not have the things I wanted but one thing I know, all is well when we have God in our lives.

I know that God has not done yet into my family and to me! I know that He will still do great things for us! With CFC-FFL community, my family’s life has never been the same!

Thank you CFC-FFL! Happy Pearl Anniversary! Proud to be!

*In the photo: Julius Eguia and Tito Narcing Eguia (both Full Time Missionaries)

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