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I am writing this after crying from reading all the inspiring stories in a little deeo book.

Tired after a hectic day at mall and doing chores at home, I was looking forward to clocking in some “me” time by logging on to facebook. But somehow that didn’t make me happy. It was only an ordinary summer day, yet all I was reading in the news feed was of people complaining about how bad things were going.

I decided to do some traditional reading instead and picked up the pen and suddenly started to throwback the days at the conference.


That moment of my life had and will constantly remind of the warmth, love, and joy that God has given me. At that very moment, my Lord had generously handed his warm hands to embrace me and you know I felt the warmth in His embrace. Maybe that was the fire that’s growing within.

I really thank God for all the people He used to make the event possible; they’ve touched every single heart of young people in such ways. I was glad I did come. I realized so many things (honestly). The Lord really moulded me the way He wants me to be.

I am now going back to my province armed with simplicity and greater faith that we are here on earth to live, to experience whatever comes, to act on that experience as well as we can and hence to grow.

Let us hold on to His promise that,
Great power comes with great responsibilities,
But if we are working with God,
All the burdens,
Becomes a great adventure.

For everything, may God be praised.

By Faye Paderes, District of Kalibo

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