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Mission. In my own knowledge, it is a task that people are given to do. On the other hand, missionaries are people who are sent to another place to do a particular job or represent something just like in the movies if there’s something to be done. But as a member of MFC-Youth, it is a very important word that we must live on a daily basis. We need to represent someone and that someone is Christ. Wherever we go, we must represent Him, especially to the youth, and that’s our mission. 

Way back 2014 was my first ever mission. I was very excited because it’s my first time to serve my fellow youth outside Metro Manila. Truly, it was a life-changing experience not just because we shared how Christ had been faithful in our lives, but we also shared the stories of the people we met on how they pursue God more even if they are facing difficulties in their lives. After that mission, my life was never the same again, and I realized that many youths in provinces are longing for God, that’s why if I were given a chance to do a mission without any hesitation, I would say yes to God. For 11 years of serving, I’ve been to different places, met different people, and heard different stories but still the same mission and same God. 

 I  was on my peak of serving the youth. I was really on fire, and my heart can’t contain how blessed I was that time. I was so in love with God. I’m so in love with serving the youth and giving my all to the people whom God trusted me. Everything was so beautiful. I felt that everything was according to His plan, but then I forgot the basics. I forgot about my family. I failed to look after my studies. Because of that, we came to a decision for me to stop serving until I finish my studies. From being in love to broken-hearted real quick, and that was my devastating moment. Every dream and plan for the youths whom I love was broken into pieces and shattered. Everything was dark. I can’t even see God. I don’t understand why it happened to me, but I know sooner or later, God will reveal to me what His plans are. 

I kept on praying and praying to God and realized why these circumstances happened to me. God is telling me that I may not serve the youth for the moment, but the mission never stops. I can serve my family, whom I neglected before because I prioritized loving others rather than my own family and serve the people around me. The mission is not just about going to different places and doing the work of the Lord. It’s also anything you can do for the sake of the other. We don’t need to travel to another place for us to be called missionaries because even in our homes, we can be a missionary. Our first mission as MFC-Youth is to bring them closer to God. The mission is a personal calling between you and God: to give your own self for the greater good of the youth, the people around you, and for the greater glory of God. 

Dexter Abareta is a Mission Volunteer for MFC Youth serving in the High School Team.

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