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This year’s Execom Retreat (Exert) was held at the Claret Seminary at Quezon City from June 1-2. With over 50 participants, including Campus Servants from provincial campuses, hearts were prepared and set on fire to equip leaders to serve their campuses for the upcoming academic year.




With the opening worship led by Jayson Eulin, a Campus Servant from the Trinity University of Asia, his heartfelt sharing of his continuous service in campus set the tone that welcomed the first session of the spirit-filled retreat.

The first session was held by Kuya Cocoi Javier, where he talked about being Guardians of the Vision. A vision that bore fruit from the immense love that God has for them, and that as servants, they are called to guard this vision and allow God to use them to fulfill and continue their missions in their campuses. The campus servants were also given the privilege to rewrite the vision mission of Campus-Based which drew inspiring inputs from servants from all campuses.




Kuya Kevin Remandaban held the second session, from slaves to conquerors, where the campus servants learned the qualities needed to lead their missions. He explained that as leaders, they were called to make decisions in committees with their fellow members. Most importantly, to strive for perfection especially in holiness.

Excitement filled the session hall as Ate Giella conducted the her session entitiled ” And the greatest of these is..” which tackled the importance of loving even when it seems difficult in their campuses. They were taught about continuous heartbreaks that test their service in their campuses but most importantly, as part of the community, they are in the business of loving people.




To conclude the sessions for the first day, Ate Kaye Matignas wrapped the day with her session, “Surrendering”. Here, the importance of commitment was emphasized and how their commitment to God goes hand in hand with their surrender to His plans. Soon after, the participants were each asked to go to their campus areas (Taft, Espana, Katipunan etc.) and to recommit themselves to their services. This was followed by Kuya Enrik Aguila who formally closed the night with a worship.

The second and final day of the retreat began with a mass at the Fernwood Chapel and was immediately followed by workshops that gave insight to the participants’ service. The first workshop was given by Ate Gem Itao who explained the roles of different execom in the campuses such as the Campus President, the senior sister and the vice presidents.  Kuya Gam Guarnes then gave a workshop on strategic planning to guide the execom in their preparations for the school year.




Lastly, Kuya Dylan Reyes sent off the participants with his inspiring session entitled  ”On to battle, off to War” He dealed with the importance of choosing to fight and continue serving despite struggles they will experience. He placed emphasis on valuing relationships within the execom and to choosing to live out their service as an adventure. The participants were then called to pray over one other to conclude the session.

As the retreat ended, the participants were filled with anticipation and hearts on fire to serve their campuses. Kuya James Aguila led the retreat to a close with a worship.




More than the success of the two-day retreat, Campus-Based continuous to grow in dedication to spread the love of God in their campuses.

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