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Over 40 YFL college students from different campuses all over the metro attended the Wildfire Campus Assembly last April 21 at the Layforce, San Carlos Seminary, Makati. Having hearts blazing on fire after the YFL CON two weeks ago, the attendees were challenged on how they can also spread their faith to their own campuses. The assembly was opened with a spirit-filled worship led by Cedric Cammayo, a program volunteer for YFL Campus-Based, who despite not being able to attend the YFL CON shared how the Lord has constantly reminded Him of his mission to share God’s name to others.

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Afterwards, Kuya Dylan Reyes, the international coordinator of CFC YFL talked about how the walls of Jericho fell down after Joshua’s army with their faith marched around the city. Kuya Dylan expounded how the college students can break down all what hinders them of sharing their faith to their campuses; that they should have a courageous heart and that there is nothing to fear no matter how hard it is to serve. He further shared his experiences while serving in the campus and how the Lord has made all things possible by His grace.

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The attendees were then invited to break into their different areas (YFL U-Belt, Taft, Katipunan, and Intramuros) to plan for their own campuses. They talked on how they can break the walls that hinder them from truly sharing the Lord to their classmates and their schools. The assembly was ended with a worship led by Albert Cachero, also a program volunteer for YFL Campus-Based.

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Truly, greater things are yet to come for YFL Campus-Based. Prepare for the upcoming school year as YFL Campus-Based now more than ever, with their faith, will set the campuses on fire. And so, we invite all college students to actively take part in the YFL Campus-Based efforts in their campuses at the upcoming school year. YFL Campus-Based has prepared a lot of exciting surprises for all college students. Join the wildfire in your campuses.

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