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Change allows us to look at things in a different perspective. Change gives us the opportunity to brave the unseen, the uncertain. They say change is the only constant thing in this world. Things change, events change, people change. And sometimes change can remove us from our comfort zones, from things we cling hard to, from people close to our hearts.

Yes, change is overwhelming and frightening sometimes. But change helps us to see what we are capable of, what we can be when it calls for leaving, giving up, or letting go.

Change gives us the other self we have that is strong and fearless. Amidst changes, our light shines forth. The will and the heart push through to trust what the eyes are incapable of seeing. Thus, change brings forth faith.When we are asked to change, when we are given change, we can do nothing but to have faith. And faith is most important. For whoever is afraid of change will never see the impossible become possible, will never see mountains move…

Change is hard but accepting change makes us people of Faith—people who truly trust. Change produces hope, courage and acceptance. Change makes us mature enough to love the unlovable, to let go of comfort and to stand up when no one else does. Change makes us better people. It gives us the chance to start fresh and start right. It gives us the things that at first we do not want but in the end what we really need. It is a wakeup call and at the same time, a learning experience. Change allows us to discover our inner will and the strength that we do not know we have. We are changed when change happens.

Change is given to those who are capable of it. We may not know why but when it happens to us, it means we are strong enough even if we do not realize it.

Change is vast; like an ocean that has the ability to destroy and to give life. By fully accepting change, we become closer to the person we are ought to be. And with change, we realize purpose, thus we learn life.

By Ayana De Ocampo, CFCYFL Mission Volunteer

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