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There are days when the graces of God are showered upon us evidently but there are also days when everything does not seem monumental and all that is taking place in our lives seems nothing but bleak. It’s like running endlessly only to find out that we are faced with a tampered finish line. We are left to ask ourselves, “When will my race to holiness meet victory?”

I too have experienced the same frustration when we speak about running the race towards heaven – towards holiness. But by the inspiration and powerful witnesses of our heavenly friends (the saints), I learned that once we decide to venture out and run the heavenly race, we should never look sideways nor look behind. The key to getting to the finish line with God is by looking forward to everything that He has personally planned out for us. We are not to compare our progress with anyone else’s and we are not to take note of whom we got ahead of. Our only competitor is ourselves. We should be willing to leave behind our old habits which do not cultivate growth because a healthy and striving Christian gives room for transformations enabled by the Holy Spirit.

A committed follower of God trains oneself accordingly and eagerly so he/she can be perfected in Christ. To most of us, this challenge appears to be extra difficult but we must take heart because there are basic things that can help us rear our holy habits.

3 Practical Tips to Cultivate Holiness:

  • Wake up Early

When we win this habit, we start to learn to commit to bigger things. Begin with what we do first when we start our day – getting up!

  • Set a Prayer Routine or Schedule

Being too rigid will not be of help in our race but setting a prayer routine helps us build more or less a structure for our prayer life. This will greatly help us to be more consistent.

  • Attend Daily Mass

I know this can be too overwhelming! But do not be disheartened – you can first try adding at least one day of attending the Holy Mass besides the Sunday mass. When we regularly hear the Word of God, we open ourselves to gradually being transformed by it. We cannot leave and finish the mass and still be the same persons as who we were before the Eucharist began. Attending mass daily supplies us with the necessary graces to be strengthened in our faith.

As partakers of God’s promises, we cannot be too comfortable with where we are now because growth always requires moving up and going forward. Holiness may seem unattainable, but with small and little consistencies, we will eventually be led to saying yes to bigger things.  

We may not be athletes, but God has already prepared and disciplined us to enter the spiritual battleground with a much-fueled heart.

So go and run the race to holiness with joy, you will never run empty.

Kate Nievera was a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth who served as the Youth Program Coordinator of LIT.

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