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Growing up, I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of creating. Whether it be art, design, or music, I was always inclined to try and make something out of my imagination. This passion of mine grew and eventually, I was called to serve using these gifts.

In the four years that I have been serving in the community using these gifts, the one thing that I’ve always found difficult in doing was to adjust to change. Every time I was asked to change something from a poster that I have been making, I always find it difficult to adjust because most of the time, I tend to stick to what I have in mind. 

This doesn’t apply to just my outputs, but also to how I handle events in my life that bring about change. I always stick to the plan and whenever something comes along that breaks the very thing I have in mind, I become displeased. I build up my plans too high that whenever it crumbles and falls apart, I am left confused and disappointed.

However, all of this has taught me one thing: all these changes are necessary to bring me closer to God. These changes in the posters I make, in the venue of events, the dates for practices, the amount of things I need to accomplish — all of this is a testament to how much I need Him and how He is able to mold my flawed plans and turn them into something more beautiful than I could ever imagine. 

More importantly, He is purifying my heart by teaching me to love truly and wholeheartedly. All of these changes have shattered my pride and molded it into something more than just a desire for praise and acceptance; it is being molded into selfless love. 

These changes are not just changing my plans and works for the better; it is also changing me. It has taught me that in the changes that I encounter, no matter how far it is from what I had planned, God is pulling me closer by continuously breaking and molding my heart until nothing but love is left.


Kuya John Cortez is from the area of NCR South. He serves as the Area LIT Servant. He is a part of the MFC Youth National Music Ministry. He is the composer of one of our original songs, “Move My Heart.”


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