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The DYC2013 UNSTOPPALBE is God’s revealing love to each of the participants who went there. Many of them change their perspective in life of faith. God personally taught me how my faith was weak and how He makes it strong. I remember on the days of preparation and deadline of registration the things and numbers we expect fall short. But our God is God and He is Unstoppable God. He has His own way how to meet the allocations, and how to prepare everything for that event. We didn’t notice 2 or 3 days before the event we are break-even in numbers and the things we need to prepare is almost done. But it doesn’t stop there; on the day itself God showed how powerful He is, God reminded us in the song “Always by Kristian Stanfill” that He is our help, He is ALWAYS there for us no matter what and His promised is true really true and will never fail.



One of my favorite parts of the program is the Exposition of the Blessed Sacraments. Fr. Waren tells us to talk to God and ask for what is happening in our lives. And I ask God “Lord bakit ako nahihirapan?” God answers me as simple as: “Because you are loving Me and loving Me is not an easy thing to do but worth it to pursue” And on that point I can’t stop myself crying, crying with joy and grace full of love. I thought it would end there, but it did not.



Three days after the event I went back to LPU to pay our liabilities for using the school as our venue. Unexpected things happen, our liabilities is already settled, the Executive Vice President (EVP) of the school shouldered all of our expenses for the venue. I want to jump and shout for Joy when I heard it. I remember before the event this is one of the things we are thinking and praying on how we can pay the rent for the venue. But God is God and He is UNSTOPPABLE God. He already paid for us and He will use any people to show that love and mercy for us.

The USTOPPALBE DYC2013 is personal to me, many things happen to test on how to stop my Faith. But I have God who is bigger for all of that things and I have a God who is UNSTOPPALBE.

Shared by Kuya Michael Caiga, Mission Volunteer
District of Lipa

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