In Embracing the Heart, Fishers of Men

fishers of men


The Story of Jesus Calling His first disciples were very popular to everyone. When Jesus said to Peter and the others: “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men”. They left their nets, followed Jesus, and the rest was history. The connections that Tito frank made with this story to our call to evangelization today, opened my eyes of evangelization to a different perspective. Another thought to ponder, ideas that should be transformed to realizations and a Jesus experience by simply reading this book.

To be honest, some of the points that were mentioned by Tito Frank were also the points that I usually hear from my kuyas and ates in the community. When it comes to evangelization there are a lot of people that I can ask from. But the points of tito frank were detailed or punong puno or siksik na siksik. It deepened by realization and understanding about evangelization and the need to do it.



Evangelization is an action that should be done right away. It is not an option. It is not something that we can do during our free time. In fact it is part of our Christian life. And who else should evangelize? It should be us.

God affirmed me through this book that there is a need for us to be loved. There is a longing for everyone that can only be satisfied by God who is LOVE. That’s why we should bring people closer to God so that they will not get the love that they want from things that can only give them temporal love. We are all required to do that no matter who we are, what we do or what we have. God will use us. He will equip us and will use us powerfully. SAY YES TO BE AN INSTRUMENT OF GOD AND HE MAKE USE OF EVERYTHING YOU HAVE. He calling us to draw people near to Him not just in our homes but in our school, work, friends, and in other places we go. He is telling us to never turn off our missionary mode. Why? Because We Should Be A Missionary Inside And Out.

In evangelization, God doesn’t just want us to do our best but GIVE OUR ALL. Everything we have. It reminded me of Kuya Cocoi telling to us: do not be afraid to be empty because you will never know how the Lord will fill you. As we give our all we will also depend on God. OUR FULL DEPENDENCE ON GOD IS NECESSARY IN EVANGELIZATION. Just like what we always say that without Christ we are nothing but with Christ NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Faith is also a key ingredient in evangelization as it gives us the assurance of what we hope for and that guarantees us that God will never abandon us. Faith will allow us to evangelize even during the hardest times of our lives. Faith will allow us to say YES even if we don’t know what the consequences are. FAITH will allow us to obey God and to see things in the perspective of God.

Lastly, we should work as one! We should form a special task force in evangelization that will work as a TEAM. There is no “I” in a TEAM that’s why we should work hand-in-hand to bring more people closer to God and make them fall in love with God over and over again.

The call continues. It doesn’t stay nor end in the first apostles. The call that they had during Jesus’ time is the same call that we here today. We must take courage to face it without a doubt and fear for we know that God is with us. The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. Wag tayong magbingi bingi han sa tawag ng Diyos. Wag tayong magbulagbulagan sa mga taong nakikita nating nagangailangan ng matinding pagmamahal ng Diyos  sa buhay nila. We all work for our master because there is a great harvest a great catch that is waiting for all of us!



Sad to say there will always be kontrabida for every bida. As we serve Christ and walk with Him in this exciting fishing journey there will be pitfalls along the way that might lead us not to fish or the worst not to follow God anymore. We should be vigilant. Reading this seven pitfalls stated by tito frank made me say “oo nga noh!” Why? Because some of these are not the usual threats that we normally see. They are hidden. Actually hidden among us. Among ourselves.

Our comfort zones will tend us to be complacent and not to dare ourselves to go further in evangelization. PRIDE, of course no one will be successful if He/ or She is driven by pride. Also as we live our Christian life we are all called to live according to the will of God. Failure to do so can lead us to another pitfall. We are all courageous. No Christian is fearful especially if he knows that God is with him. Our fears can prevent us to fish BIGTIME. Spiritual “NAVEL-GAZING” is a never heard thing for me! Haha but it talks about our service to God. We are called nit just to love God but to serve Him. Attachments and selfishness I think go together. If you are attached to something you will never let go of it will make it only yours that leads to selfishness. Money, power and position should not rule us and we must not get attached to them. Instead we open ourselves to changes and attach only ourselves to God who is our greatest provider.

So what must be our response so that we will not fall to these so called pitfalls? God makes us assured again that he will never abandon us. God is calling us to sacrifice. Go for the extra mile everytime. If it is painful, endure. If it is long and hard, be patient. WE MUST FEEL THE PRESSURE INORDER FOR US TO FEEL THE PLEASURE IN LIFE.

We admit that sometime we will fall short we need God. If we are humble and accept that God is all we need, then we can stay away from that pride turn away from it and turn to God our only provider. We repent and should go to confession regularly it is also our way of showing to God that we are really sorry for our sins and shortcomings.

God is great. He is faithful and true. No one can say no to that. HINDING HINDI TAYO MABIBITIN SA PANGINOON. This statement popped in my mind while reading the last parts of the book. Faith in God will give us the courage to say No even in the people around us says yes. It will allow us to go against the winds. As long as we holdon to our faith in God HINDING HINDI TAYO MATATALO. Do not be afraid.

I am a teacher and all my life will be all about sharing what I’ve learned to the young kids and youths out there. I believe we are all teachers but instead of sharing subject matters that are taught in school, we are to share one important thing that schools seldom taught: that God loves us, He longs for us and it is our response to love Him back with all our life. We share what we learn and we should share God’s glory in our lives. It should not stay on us alone. It has a destination. It is destined to be shared to others so that others may be inspired to our Jesus’ experiences. It is destined to land in the hearts of others so that the seeds that are planted in us might also be planted and grow in them.

Lastly, we are to leave everything and follow Jesus. It is so hard to leave something especially if it is so important to you. PERO AANHIN MO ANG MGA IIWANAN MO KUNG ALAM MO NAMAN KUNG KANINO KA PUPUNTA. Jesus is telling us to follow him and Him alone. It is him who we need. Let us fish with Him. Let us do what we are supposed to do. Let us be what we are designed to be: FISHERS OF MEN.





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