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No storm will stop the Lord from speaking to the YFLs of Eastern Visayas about His grace and strength! Last December 17 to 18 2011, about 120 YFLs from the Dioceses of Catarman, Palo, Biliran and Maasin gathered as one and enjoyed the presence and outpour of God’s grace during the YFL Visayas Eastern Regional Conference 2011 entitled “Gripped”, inspired by the verse “My grace is sufficient for you for power is made perfect in weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9)” held at San Jose Central School at San Jose, Tacloban City.

All the delegations had to go through a lot before being able to come to Tacloban. Withstanding the bad weather, financial difficulties, conflicts in schedules, and other constraints, through the power of God’s grace, all the delegates were able to arrive safely in the venue. For most, it was nearly impossible to push through with the RYC, but truly, God’s ways are different from ours, the RYC came into fulfillment.

Gam Guarnes and Joy Aguila (FTPWs for YFL Visayas) gave the three sessions and three workshops throughout the whole weekend. The first day started with the first session, reminding everyone with the power of God through Jesus.  Following the first session were the two workshops (Brothers and Sisters Forum and Cool Catholics). During the afternoon of the first day, each of the delegations passionately showcased their talents.

That night, everyone was reminded of the power of God’s grace – that God’s grace can overcome whatever weaknesses we have; that all we have to do was to grip unto the God who Himself is unendingly gripping unto us. Everyone also had the opportunity to look unto each of their hearts and own personal lives, reflecting on their weaknesses, surrendering these weaknesses to God, trusting in the plans of God, committing and promising the Lord that they will hold on to His grip, no matter what.

During the morning of the second day, everyone enjoyed the third workshop, showcasing creativity in packaging YFL during the Creative Evangelization workshop. That afternoon, everyone was moved to live out the message of grace in their areas during the third session followed by the powerful Praise Fest, which powerfully culminated the whole weekend. Everyone shouted in worship and praise, humbly declaring that God’s grace and strength is enough for them. Special awards were also given to the different delegations.

The Gripped RYC 2011 was a fulfillment of God’s promise for CFCYFL Eastern Visayas. It was a weekend reminding everyone of the power of His strength and that everything is God’s grace. It was truly a grace-filled weekend that changed and inspired the hearts of all the delegates. It was such a beautiful way to end the year, thanking God for the beautiful gift of His unending grace. Praise God for the CFCYFL Eastern Visayas RYC 2011.

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