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by Maja Ceglar
YFL Slovenia

Last weekend, October 22.-24. We had a youth camp here in Slovenia. It was an amazing weekend. We had a small venue, for 40 people but we had 50 people coming. 20 were new participants; the other 30 were YFL members. Because the hall was so small we decided to make a different program for the members, at least for those who were not service team for the youth camp. It ended up to be a great idea. On Friday after a number of adventures, too much luggage to fit in the cars, running out of gas, being late because of traffic jams etc., we managed to come to Brezje, where our camp was held. We started with the entire service team worship and then we split up to our jobs. Some were making IDs, some were registering the participants, the others showing them to their rooms (most of the service team slept on the floor, couches…because there were not enough beds). After dinner the first talk started. We decided to have that all together, so we had it in the dining room, so we could all fit inside. It was a great session held by Jaka. On Saturday morning after a song for the wakeup call and breakfast we split up. Youth camp had a talk about Jesus and Forgiveness, repentance, faith and healing, while the members had a talk about The Almighty and healing. After that we joined for the burning activity. The afternoon we spent together, first workshops – treasure hunt, dance, sports and film workshop and after the presentations we had confession and one to one sessions. After diner we split up again and both groups had a talk about the Holy Spirit. Then we gathered in the dining room again and had pray overs and worship. For me, this was one of the best parts of the whole weekend. Everyone was prayed over. Even some of the members decided to ask us if we can pray for them again, which for me was the most amazing part. And then a worship with 50 people…indescribable!

On Sunday after breakfast we split up again and had separate sessions. For the youth camp the session was held by Toni and for the members program Špela had a session about fruits of the Holy Spirit. After the session we joined the youth camp and had the joining session. Everyone joined our community. It was amazing. YFL Slovenia has 20 new members. To finish the camp we had Holy mass. It was also held in a chapel, too small for everyone. We had to sit on the floor. After lunch it was time to say goodbye. Everyone went home, except for the leaders who went to a meeting with the coordinators. We made this year’s goals for the whole community and after that the youth leaders were invited to visit Pogačnik family. 4 boys and their cousin are our members and they invited us to their home. It was far and on the top of a hill with very narrow road. It was dark, raining, hard to drive there, but when we got, their family accepted us so warm that it was worth it. They made us dinner and allowed us to have a meeting there. So around 9 in the evening we left home.

Some of us thought that maybe it was just this youth camp and then people will fade away, but we were wrong. The next day, on Monday, we called up a household meeting in Ljubljana. There was no answer to the email, but at the end, 20 people came. When the meeting was finished I had the chance to meet some of the new members (because at the camp I was service team for the members program, so I didn’t have much chance to meet the new participants) and they told me that this weekend changed their lives, one even said he found home. So may God be praised, because he has done amazing thing this last weekend, despite all the problems we had with logistics, not enough space, not enough transportation… He is truly Almighty!

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