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“…Let them be! Do not stop the children from coming to me, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to people such as these.” – Mt. 19: 14


Last August 19, 2017 the High School Based Program conducted their annual High School Beat. It was attended by 333 high school students both YFLs and Non-YFLs all over Metro Manila. It was a day where students from different schools gathered through a one big celebration which made them understand how God is continuously inviting them to know and love Him more deeply.

The High School Beat started with all the service team members gathering and remembering the greatness and faithfulness of the Lord through a worship. Many members of the team had mixed emotions. Some were excited while some were worried. Some were happy and energetic while some still needed some time to process that it was already the BEAT. The morning passed by but instead of the team getting more and more excited, they began to worry of the looming weather. Worried that it will rain, the team decided to cover the booths to prevent them from getting wet. Unfortunately, after quite some time, it did rain. Seeing the rain, many questioned themselves: should the team still push through with this year’s High School BEAT? But upon realizing that it is a grace from God, the students began to approach the booths without considering if they will all get wet.  The smiles of the students who were enjoying the booths and the talents that were showcased made the HS BEAT fun. Everyone was filled with so much joy. Throughout the whole program, everyone was just enjoying their time with their classmates.


Ron Boquiren, High School Area Servant of East leading the young people during the worship


The activity included a session, which gave meaning to everything in the program: the booths, the activities and the performances. Through the session, the students realized the invitation that God has for them which is to share their lives and the simple joys they have experienced with God on that day with others.


Ate Kim Viray giving the High School Beat pep talk


Truly, God affirmed all the attendees that despite the bad climate and all the discomforts during that day, nothing can separate His people from His love. On that day as well, God reminded all participants that they are His children and nothing can stop them from getting closer to Him, experiencing Him and living with Him. It was a day full of uncertainties but what remained certain was His evident and constant love to His people. He did not let the day end with sorrow and misery but He ended it with the hearts of the youth burning for Him – experiencing real joy and happiness. It was indeed a foretaste of heaven for them; and as a symbol of God’s greatness and victory, the rain disappeared and the sun came out. As if it was saying, everything is grace.


Clear skies symbolizing that everything is grace. God is the greatest promise keeper.



Dino Manalo is currently a YFL Mission Volunteer for the High School based program. He is currently in charge of all the retreat and recollection engagements that the team conducts.

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