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What is greatness? In the world greatness would refer to a person admired by everyone. It could be an influential person who is perfect in his craft. 

Greatness could mean having a big house, owning a successful business, driving a luxurious car and living “the life”. Greatness can also be referred to as achievements such as being an honor student at school or even passing the board exams or maybe even being at the top of the list. Greatness is equated to being successful. In the world, greatness means having millions of followers in your social media accounts. Greatness is getting the nod in people’s heads every time you speak. But these are all definitions of greatness according to the world. I remember Tito Frank’s words before that greatness is not defined by the world standards but it is defined by God. 

This is why when we talk about greatness and about being great; we talk about who we really are. Most of the time, our definition of greatness is based on the standards of the world. This is the reason why we strive hard. We give our all chasing something that we thought was greatness but then we fall short – we fail, then we feel bad about ourselves. But friends, we are more than these. We are children of God. We are created in His image and likeness. Therefore, you we are not made to fail. We are not failures. Our talents and skills are not wasted. We are princes and princesses. We are destined for greatness. This is our birthmark. Greatness is in our blood.

All of these happened when Christ saved us from our sins; from death. His sacrifice, His blood gave us a ticket to eternal life. We were saved. We were redeemed. And we have to do us claim it by meeting Christ and live for Him every singles day of our lives. We called to be like Him. Indeed, destined for greatness is destined for Christ. This is what it’s all about – that at the end of the day we see ourselves with Jesus because true greatness can only be found in Christ.

I realized that if we have the Lord in our lives, we can be unstoppable. It’s like the feeling after attending a conference. It’s like the feeling when you get your first pay check. It’s like the feeling when your girlfriend said yes to your proposal of marriage. You’re going to be pumped up, like on fire and extra inspired. Being with Christ allows you to do many things. It allows us to do extra ordinary things. It’s like Jesus creates miracle after every miracle. This, my friends, is something greater and bigger that who we are. Knowing Jesus, meeting Jesus, living Jesus and living for Him is the true greatness that we long to have. 

But there is a price for greatness. If you want to be great you have to work hard and do something. Just like how body builders earn their muscles though trainings and sacrifices, we too, have to pay the price of greatness. And the price of greatness is living a life of holiness. If you really want to be great then you have to choose and strive to live a life of holiness every single day. Now, this is going to be hard. This is where our integrity is tested. This is where our character is tested. This is where our pursuit to greatness is going to be tested.

Lastly, this greatness that we have should not remain in us. It has to be shared and people should know that they too are destined to a life of greatness. Let us have faith in God that he has destined us for greatness. Let us keep our head high with confidence and humility in our hearts that the greatness that we are looking for – that we are longing for can only be found in Christ.

Roliet Deo Arellano is a Full Time Pastoral Worker of Missionary Families of Christ. He is currently the National Coordinator of the Youth Section.

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