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Our theme for this year, “My God is now my strength!” is taken from Isaiah 49:5. As it is usually the case, God has a special message and many lessons to teach us through our theme for the year. God’s message for me this year is very clear and simple which translate to bolder convictions this time.

Being a fresh graduate last October 2010 and facing this year is exciting yet challenging for me. Another chapter of my life is now opened – my career, my place in the corporate world. Having the idea of what the corporate world is breaks my heart. I am being exposed to different people, different characters, different lifestyles, different vices and different gods (women, money). I know for sure that I’ll face much of these things, but on the other hand, I also know for sure that my God is always here beside me. Keeping that in mind, I’m excited of what the corporate world may give me – new friends, new learnings and new experiences. But I must admit that having the element of excitement also comes with a challenge. My convictions out of my love for my God will surely be tested in the environment where I find myself now. Standing for what is right, living pure, living out my catholic life are some of these convictions. I know that I am called by God to testify His love wherever I am. More than carrying the name of our ministry or the name of the Heart Crusaders that I am blessed to be part of, I carry the name of the Lord, and that’s precisely my point.

I carry the name of the Lord and so I am confident that He will be the one to carry me and that His strength will always be sufficient. Looking at it again, I’ve realized that having the idea of what the corporate world is helps me even more to be a man of God and to be a man of prayer. I’m ready now more than ever to really live out my convictions. This year, I will be more fearless, more loving and even more radical because my God is now my strength. Whatever happens to me in my career, I just pray that God may disturb me when my dreams have come true because I have dreamt too little.

(Jerald Cruz, YFL Mission Volunteer)

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