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High School students, i.e., Grades 7 and 8, of the Holy Child Academy had their Recollection conducted by our ministry’s High School-based Program last September 3 and 5.




Ate Kaye Matignas, Ate Gem Itao, and Ate Meme Asejo gave the recollection for the Grade 7 students. While Kuya Jerald Cruz, Ate Joy Aguila, and Ate Kaye Matignas for the Grade 8 students.

The recollection run from 8AM to 2:30PM. It started with an opening prayer led by Kuya DR Arellano, Mission Volunteer and Math teacher at the said school. The sessions talked about (1) God’s love for us as he sees us with the eyes of love; (2) family as God’s gift; and (3) building friendship that is for life.






The recollection ended with the students sharing their realizations from the sessions and activities, and so as with a closing prayer.

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