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It is always stated that the family is the nucleus and the basic unit of society. Throughout the years of my life, my family has been the very reason why I serve the church through our community. I do this with my whole heart because my family taught me that the family is also the basic unit of the church.

The Holy family is the perfect family, and we will never be able to duplicate them, but we can learn from them by loving our family unconditionally. Jesus is God, yet He still honored His mother and father. His love for His parents gave me the urge to love my family more than ever. Even if we have difficulties in many aspects of our lives, we stand as one family for Christ.

My grandparents are members of the community, and even in the death of my grandfather, he still proudly wore his community ID. My parents are also members of the MFC Couples, and I am a member of MFC-Youth. Thus, this makes me a third-generation servant, and I am grateful for the Lord for using my family as an instrument for me to be a better person and a missionary.

This pandemic brought all of us back in our homes with our family, and personally, it gave us the reason to go back to Christ and to our prayer habits that were lost for a long time. Not a single evening goes by without praying the Holy Rosary and humbly asking Mother Mary to pray for us and heal the world. Seeing my siblings and parents pass on the rosary to give everyone a chance to lead the rosary, melts my heart because it is one of my dreams to pray with my whole family.

We may be in quarantine, but God is calling us to be missionaries more than ever. May we make these moments of difficulties become perfect moments with our family through prayers.

Dranreb Animas is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the Luzon Missions Team.

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