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By Sweet Roque
YFL Mission Volunteer

yfl rock youthfest

The CFC YFL Rock Youth fest was really a big reminder that God is the only Rock that we can depend on; and that He is the only one that we can trust. The event was a gathering of all the YFL community members.

This activity was such a fun-filled Jesus Christ experience. At first, there was a mass, a holy rosary, and a worship; then followed by the amazing opening production number. There’s even a rock chant wherein all of the YFL members happily shouted.

The first session was entitled Rocky Ground. Dylan Reyes was the speaker and he emphasized on this talk that God has always been our firm foundation. We tend to be forgetful; yet the he reminded us that our mighty savior is real and He is as solid as a rock.

yfl rock youthfestThereafter, was the Rock Youth Fest Fair. It was so much fun because there are a lot booths: Music booth (Magic Booth), Sports Booth (Basketball), Dare & masquerade Booth, Jail Booth, Dance Revo Booth, Guitar Hero Booth, Tambay Booth, Kalbo for Typhoon Victims Booth, Dedication Booth, and Sign-up booth for Campus and High school. A lot of youth also participated at the ISikat, then it was followed by the Flash Mob presentation.

The second session, Rock Solid, is all about our response and action. Joy Aguila was the speaker of this talk. It is about our calling to be committed to ACT rock solidly: Acknowledge that God has, is and will always be great in our lives, Change our Perspective, and Trust God rock solidly and completely!.

The Rock, was our last session; and it was given by Gam Guarnes. God is “The Rock” and when we trust in Him, we will surely never collapse. When we are asked “Who Rocks our world?”. It is God who rocks our world.

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  • Dharius

    Extremely Agreed with this post.. Truly our god rock’s us that day. In fact after that day until now, i see many lives that have been change. Praise God for a Blessed Community of CFC-YFL.

    • admin

      Thanks Dharius for your comment. God really blessed us that day.

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