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Leadership trainings for me are where you establish trust and teamwork with the group you are in. For a high school student like me, I find it corny to cooperate in these kinds of activities. I was, however, intrigued because this leadership training was religion relate,  and for me that’s something different. I was excited to see how it would end up: will I learn new things or will I fall asleep because of boredom? I remember I joined the 3 day Youth Camp on July 1, 2 and 3 2016 and to my surprise, I enjoyed it and really learned a lot. I understood how God loves me and will always stay by my side. Since then, i’ve always been anticipating on what’s next for me.


I later on had another chance to experience this again, just last month, we had a leadership training in which more students participated because of the great feedbacks they’ve heard. I am happy to say that I have learned so many things such as: what love truly means, the essence of chastity, forgiveness, acceptance, and that in everything I do, God will be there.


My favorite part of the activity was worship; there nothing has to be corny or cheesy about it. It was the time when i was singing in praises, giving it all out to the Lord, and worship Him with my all. I get to express how I feel: my gratitude to the Lord, my faith – expressed through the songs I sang, and my love as I close my eyes and pray. There I get to have an intimate time with the Lord, there I was able to run back to my Father, and there I asked for his forgiveness and grace. It helped me know more about my faith, and how strong it was that no problem or challenge can divide me from the Father.


To become a leader doesn’t just mean being capable to lead; but also being able to grow and understand that no one can stand alone without the Father.  I am ready to become a true leader; One that is ready to serve others and serve the Lord, just like Jesus Christ.


Gabby Yanga was one of the 60 participants of the leadership training conducted by CFC – YFL held at St. Mary’s Academy – Caloocan City on January 28 – 29, 2017.
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