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There was a meme I saw on my feed while I was scrolling through social media that has captured my attention: “This season of lent has been the lentiest lent I ever had.” At first I find it funny and ironic that we are on a lockdown going through Lenten season. We’ve been greatly affected by this pandemic. A lot of us were living in fear, panic and disorder. We were desperately searching for answers, looking for clarity. Looking to find answers through science and man-made answers. But no matter how much information I absorb, glued to the TV, searching through social media platforms. It didn’t lessen my worries about tomorrow. In fact, I was drowned with fears about what tomorrow will bring. I forgot what Lent was all about.


But as I reflect as days go by, I have been greatly reminded by this lockdown the essence of Lent. It allowed me to strip away what’s unnecessary and focus on the cross and the resurrection. This pandemic was a crucifixion for us, and it is in every crucifixion that there is resurrection. I was greatly humbled and in awe by how God made His presence much more known to me. Because of this, my thirst for answers has greatly diminished and my thirst for His presence has greatly intensified. It is Him that we should look upon always.


Quoting from the Bible in Luke 22:42,Father, if you are willing, take this cup away from me; still, not my will but yours be done.”. This situation that we are facing right now is a call for us to deepen our faith and entrust to Him all our baggage in life, fears included. All of us are given a choice. How we see this pandemic and how we maximise our efforts in serving and loving the people around us even in this lockdown was another call for me to continue being the missionary that God has called me, and this love is enough to make me do His will.


I may stumble and be crippled by fear, but I will gladly stand up and fight. But first, I will kneel down and pray.

Jammie Hollon is a mission volunteer serving as the MFC Youth – LCSC coordinator.

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