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Taft Avenue, Manila. — The Lord was truly present in the Chastity Forum given by Live Pure speaker Jose Ibarra Villas last November 20 at CSB.





I, the campus servant of CSB, was not only so happy to see the gleeful faces of my fellow Benildeans accepting and acknowledging the teachings of God but I was happy as well to have refreshed my memory on how good He is to us and how, in return, we must be good to ourselves. I was reminded that we are the paragons of His creation and therefore all we have done in the past to disrespect and dishonor our very beings have been so meaningless and ridiculous. He deserves the utmost respect which means our bodies and minds, temples of the Holy Spirit, deserve no less. At this rediscovered knowledge, I smiled thinking that I am a step closer to becoming limitless, and so are my fellow Benildeans who attended the forum.





Speaking of which, one of the greatest joys my heart has known is the evangelization of other people and the knowledge that their lives will never be the same so long as they keep on accepting His grace. And so, because of this wonderful blessing that the Lord has delivered upon my mission area, I am more inspired to give my best in service, school and familial life. And for that, may God be praised!




News-ed by Andy Gruet, Campus President
College of Saint Benilde

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