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Why we wanted to give Live Pure in our Parish here in Vienna

After serving as confirmation candidates facilitators for many years, and seeing the development of things at hand, the Youth Council of the Philippinische Gottesdienst Gemeinde became open to the idea that we need voices from the outside. We needed someone to teach the young ones that living pure means to free ourselves from the pressures leading to lust and that it also is a means to love God because He first loved us.

Great anxiety

We wanted this event to be open to as many youth groups as possible. We made a Facebook event and we even designed an own digital banner saying “Live Pure Vienna”. Truly, we were full of excitement.

However, with that great excitement came great anxiety. We did not know if we were able to reach as many young people as aspired, since the event collided with several activities for some of those groups. The special day was approaching and we were thinking about who else to invite directly and to motivate to come. The final count of attendees on our facebook event page said 35 persons, though we were hoping for more attendants.

At one point, we just needed to stop and say: What ever You will, Father.

Nice surprises

We had a friend of whom we did not expect that she would come, but it just so happened that she saw our invitation as one by God as well. She even brought along her best friend with her toddler.

Furthermore we were really happy about the good will of several communities, who organised  “special envoys” to attend the Live Pure event as a solution for the collision of our events. And to our greatest surprise, we also had participants from our sister parish, with members of different youth groups as well.

We don’t have an exact head count on how many people came, but we were twice as many as expected.


Laughs and eye openers at the event

When asking on how they liked the talk, all of them have explained that they found it very interesting. The many examples that the speakers presented on self-control, patience and sacrifice, definitely brought chastity closer to the young than ever before. The young ones had a laughs yet at the same time had groundbreaking realisations:

  1. Our sexual desires are part of us, which makes us normal. It is something that we are barely able to address in our confirmation classes, and in fact we never knew if there was a right time for it. The moment these words were dropped, it felt like a great relief to some of us, because the young ones heard this message in its purest form.

  2. God would always see the value in us despite our past. We know too well how it is when things with certain persons are unresolved, and we do understand if the youth would not want to tell us what happened in their past. However, there is hope, and it is good news for everyone to know that it is not just a cliché, but it is real.

  3. True love means commitment and perseverance. This is something that even the married couple who were present in the Live Pure event testified. It is one thing to read it somewhere, but it definitely a different thing to have it addressed directly and to have people to actually witness this.

Live Pure Movement in Vienna

“The presentation has opened my eyes. I am really proud of you for organising such projects in order to bring the youth closer to God. You are doing your work really well”.

This very testimony touched us deeply. As our parish now tries to establish a strong cooperation with the Live Pure Movement, we hope that we will be able to continue to share the good news of true love to as many people as possible. All for God’s glory.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Father Ron Sandoval for allowing this event to take place and who stayed with us from the beginning until the end of the event.

Shared by Ate Maureen Evangelista
Mission Volunteer, YFL Vienna

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