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I was working in my present Job as Project employee of our company, Waterfront Container and Leasing. I was task to take good care of 45 trucks from USA that was delivered in our yard at Batangas and my job is to condition all the trucks, to refurbish, to repaint, and among many others. This is for us to prepare when a costumer arrive in our yard and want to buy trucks. But there are times when costumers come unexpectedly, to the point that our trucks are not prepared for inspection. No batteries, not in good condition, and a lot of defects.  Surely our buyer will not be interested to buy our trucks, because we are not prepared and our trucks are not ready.

Same thing in my mission to God, He entrusted to me many people to take good care; my family, friends, YFL member (District of Batangas), etc. to pastor them, to evangelize, to understand them, to forgive, and to share them how God love us all. This is for us to prepare for the second coming of God. But God remind me in Rev 16:15 “Listen! I am coming like a thief! Happy is he who stays awake and guards his clothes , so that he will not walk around naked and be ashamed in public!” This reminds me to be awake and prepare in doing this mission. The most unexpected time is the time when God will call us.

Many young people are under maintenance just like the trucks I am working with, because they were crashed by the worldly things, they were under pressure they thought that those are the right things for them. They experience happiness in short while, but will experience suffering and regrets in the end. Because what they thought is right, are not the right things in the eyes of God. And what is right in the eyes of God?

But now the righteousness of God has been manifested apart from the law, though testified to by the law and the prophets, the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe.
(Romans 3:21-22a, NAB)


We are made right in God’s sight.

Last 2013 this message always reminds me of who I am in the eyes of God. I experience a lot of trials, struggles, things that I can’t understand, fails in life to the point that I look myself as wrong thing and unworthy servant. But God reminds me of one thing… That He loves me, He is in control and that I am made by perfect God who is God of love. He is not looking on the things I’ve done but He is looking into my heart. He is looking on the desires of my heart to change.

We trust in Jesus Christ to take away our sins.

God’s mercy is overflowing for us. His mercy is always waiting for us. We will experience it when we reconcile, have good confession, and have a personal relationship with him.  One song says if the grace of God is an ocean we are all sinking. On past years and up to present God proves me of His grace that can change everything. He reminds me “if I remain in Him He remains in me.” (cf. John 15:5)  His grace is always sufficient for all.

This 2014 is an exciting year. We, as laity, will be a big part in doing the mission of God. He promises us that He will equip us on the things, words, and His spirit to lead. He will never leave us. He will experience us the things that we couldn’t imagine before. Maybe in the middle of our mission we will experience suffering, persecutions and failures. But the love of God never fails it will never give up on us. Nothing we could say or do to take away the love of God for us. The love of God is full of grace.




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