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Love is a verb.

When you were younger you think love is all about the tummy turning upside down, pimple growing, “I can’t get you out of my head” feeling.  But as you grow older, get married and start a family, you will realize that love is not all about that. Real love is hard work.  Love is putting an effort in everything you do.  Love is adding extraordinary to the ordinary thing that you do.  Love is seeking first to understand.  Loving is always being better rather than just being right.

That’s what I am doing now.  Putting love into action.  Not just to my “oh so beautiful, smart, sexy and intelligent” wife (see, extraordinary – adding 4 adjectives to the word wife) and to my daughter, but also to people around me.

I am still far from being perfect in loving but I do strive hard in trying to do so until it becomes a habit.  So do the same, put your love into action.  Hug your parents, email a friend, leave a personal message to a long time buddy, visit your grand parents, pray for someone who needs it,  massage your wife, play with your kid, the list goes on and you can think of anything – just put your love to work.

Love is a verb.

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