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“Serving as a mission volunteer is a privilege. It is a gift. Make the most out of it” was probably one of the lines that really stuck to the mission volunteers last January 19, 2013 as they had their 2nd Mission Volunteer Summit, held in Layforce, Guadalupe.

The Mission Volunteer Summit was a gathering of all mission volunteers of the young ministries- KFL, YFL, SFL and the Live Pure Movement. The summit was opened by a worship led by Kuya JC Sarmiento, International Coordinator of KFL. Mission volunteers were given a chance to bond and socialize with each other through a game led by Live Pure Movement full time workers, Kuya Jermer Cruz and Ate Ina Gasgonia. Shortly after, prayer meeting leader, Kuya Joseph Tesoro, coordinator for the Young Ministries and the International Coordinator of the Live Pure Movement, explained the spirit behind the summit. In his words, “As mission volunteers, we have one mind and one heart. We are called by God to be witnesses. It is a privilege to be an MV especially at this time. We are at the forefront”.

The session was given by Kuya Jepoy Meneses, International Coordinator of SFL. He talked about what our business as Mission Volunteers is; that quite frankly, “God wants nothing from us but to continue His business”, anchored on Luke 2:40-52. What is His business? His business is to establish the Kingdom of God- the reign of God wherein the will of the King is followed. The challenge is for us to be busy with our father’s business. We do this not because it’s fun, but moreso, because we have a dream- a dream of a better world, not only for us but also for our children. At this point, Kuya Jepoy called on two sharers: Renee Mariano, mission volunteer for YFL, assigned in the high school based program, and Jermer Cruz, full time pastoral worker for the Live Pure Movement, who talked about how they see their “work” as a mission volunteer as an avenue for them to effect a change in the world. Kuya Jepoy further talked about how this God Revolution changes us in terms of our priorities, our schedules and even our lives. Kuya Jepoy ended his talk with a challenge: “Whether you’re IN or OUT, God’s kingdom will happen and when that happens, we pray that we are part of those who contributed in making that happen”.

The entire summit ended with a worship led by Kuya Dylan Reyes, International Coordinator of YFL. At one point in the worship, he asked everyone to take the time to pray for one another and encouraged everyone to go out of their own ministries. The worship ended with the message anchored on 1 Tim 4:12. The call is to be a model to the people- to be an inspiration to the community. Andthat inspiration is Christ. If we don’t become witnesses, people won’t know how to witness. Inspire to become a witness. This year is a year of grace. Don’t be afraid. Only brave people can love fully.

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