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According to an English Idiom, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” And while this may prove to be true in some instances, a group of passionate and mature servant leaders counter-argues that “You can never buy the wisdom of a lifetime’s worth of experience.”

Couple Coordinators assessing themselves.

Holding a tight grip to the latter statement, around 20 couples gathered last 29 September 2013 for the CFC YFL Couple Coordinators’ Training (CCT) held at Kimco Chapel, Quezon city. Flocked by both veretans and relatively young Titos and Titas, the whole day aimed to equip the attendees with the perfect blend of technical skills and knowledge that would further enhance their capacity and capability to lead the youth ministry with the young.

Ate Kaye Matignas, High School-based Program Coordinator, giving the second session.

The four-part assembly was graced by community leaders from the youth ministry: CFC YFL District of Novaliches Youth Ministry Head, Tito Dennis Dimapilis (Talk 1: Being Called); CFC FFL Full-time Pastoral Worker under the BRAVEHEART High school-based program, Ate Kaye Matignas (Talk 2: Role Model to the Young); CFC YFL District of Novaliches Youth Leader, Kuya Paul Rafael (Talk 3: Understanding the Youth Today); and CFC YFL Metro Manila and CFC YFL International Coordinator, Kuya Dylan Reyes (Talk 4: CFC YFL Primer).

Kuya Dylan Reyes, CFC YFL International Coordinator, giving the last session.

In a nutshell, the day turned out to be a grace-full gathering that afforded the coordinators the unique opportunity to learn the basics of the service they were called by God to do. YFL Novaliches recognizes the couple coordinators’ key roles in the ministries’ affairs and activities. The Titos and Tita are the backbones of any area. Without a strong coordinator to support the ministry, a area can never reach its maximum potential. And it is the hope of the district, for both the area and the whole of the youth ministry, that the CCT will serve as a jumping point to greater things ahead – towards vibrant, more dynamic and fast-growing areas; and towards a more passion-driven and Christ-centered, Christ-loving and Christ-serving youth.

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