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Our theme for this year’s camp was: “I Called You answered”. YFL Zürich had been preparing a lot for this camp. After so many years we were able to have a full band and an awesome service team, that was as motivated as it never had been before.

We somehow knew that this camp is going to be different than the others, because it was the first time that we expected so many participants and it was also the first time for some YFL members to be part of the service team. YFL Zürich has had a hard time finding new members and being active as a community. But this year everything changed. Our community was alive.




This camp was the best camp I’ve ever been to. All the participants were so open and good to each other. Our worships were intense. All the emotions we felt on that weekend, just incredible. As if we were a family broken apart and being looking for each other for a long time. We are one family for one God.

May God be praised!

Sharing from Nick Francis Ferrer
YFL Zürich

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