In Cool Catholics, On Bended Knees

God, our loving Father, Creator and lover of all life, You created every human person in Your own image and likeness..

We thank You for this gift and for the freedom to appreciate it. Grant us the eagerness to recognize You in every person so that respect for all human life becomes our way of life.

Give us also the strength and courage to defend and protect the right of all, to live as You have ordained, from conception, at the moment of fertilization, to the natural death.

We pray for Your divine healing, comfort, and peace for all those affected by past abortions. Grant to them forgiveness, comfort, and strength. Help us serve actively in alleviating the sufferings and troubles of all women who find themselves pregnant and are in difficult situations. We pray as well for all men that they be responsible and have genuine love towards their spouses.

We pray for all our leaders and legislators. Let Your Spirit enlighten their minds and open their hearts. Guide them, O Lord, by Your Truth and Your Wisdom. May they love and protect the Family, safeguard and respect Human Life.

May Mary, our most loving Mother, intercede for the Filipino Family. To Her, we entrust this cause and advocacy for the protection of Life.

To You, O Lord, through Her, we consecrate the Filipino nation. Grant that all who believe in Christ, Your Son, may proclaim the Gospel of Life with sincerity and love to the people of our time. We make our prayer through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.
San Lorenzo Ruiz, Pray for us.

St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus and Chaste Spouse of the Virgin Mary, pray for us.

O Mary, Mediatrix of All-Grace and Queen of the Family, pray for us.

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  • Salie

    Let us continue respecting the sacredness of human life. God gave us this precious gift of life.

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