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The Patron Saint of Love

Have you ever heard of the phrase “love knows no boundaries”? It has been expressed in countless movies, television series, novels, and even songs. It has been re-worded in various ways and impersonated in several forms throughout history. There is a special day, though, that we have all come to know and love which celebrates the impersonation of this phrase and with that day, we celebrate the person who embodied it.

Valentine’s Day is a day we’ve come to know as the day of love; the season of roses, stuffed toys, love songs, love letters, etc. A day we set apart for the people we love may it be a special someone, your friends, your family, or even strangers. We’ve come to associate a lot of things with Valentine’s Day but little do we know that this celebrated day of love is also a celebrated Catholic feast day.

February 14 is the feast day of St. Valentine, the Patron Saint of love, young people and happy marriages. Legend has it that St. Valentine was a priest in Rome who happened to assist martyrs in the persecution under Claudius II. During those days, Emperor Claudius II forbade marriage upon thinking that it was better for his soldiers in the military to be single to build a stronger military base. But St. Valentine with his belief in marriage and its importance in resisting temptation to sin in the event of living together without the sacrament, he decided to still marry young couples secretly. When the emperor found out, he was imprisoned. St. Valentine was given another chance by Claudius to renounce his faith but he didn’t and that brought him to his inevitable death.

One friend once told me that the saints are so in love with the person of God that their life in the world is a screaming proclamation of God’s love and this love is so radical that it seeks to transcend every boundary; even the boundary of death. Saints proclaim love even in the afterlife through the miracles that they do on earth.

As the month of love ends, let us be inspired by the faith in love of St. Valentine and the love of all the saints. Let not our love for others be contained in this month; but rather, let our love for others transcend it that our lives may also be a screaming proclamation of God’s love in our every waking moment.

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