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Do you wish to understand the stories in the bible in their context? Is reading the entire bible one of your goals this 2021? Then, the Podcast of Father Michael Schmitz, a Catholic Priest from the Diocese of Duluth, Minnesota, entitled “The Bible in A Year” produced by Ascension Catholic Faith Formation is the best for you!

As I got closer to Jesus through MFC Youth, my burning desire to get to know Him, love Him, and serve Him grew more and more. So, it has been one of my yearly goals to break open the word – to read the sacred scriptures from cover to cover.

For years of serving in the community, this dream has not yet been realized. Last year, I tried reading the entire bible, but I just could not finish it. The year 2020 ended, but I am still stuck in the life of Abraham in the book of Genesis.

This 2021, I am braving this long-time dream again. Thanks to Ascension and Fr. Mike Schmitz for their new podcast “Bible in a Year.” This time, I am not journeying alone, I am with the whole Christian community who have the same desire of encountering God’s gentle, healing, and transforming words.

As I started listening to this podcast, I realized that this is my story, the bible is our story. So far, aside from God, I have never encountered a perfect human being character in the bible. They are as imperfect and as broken as me and you, yet in the midst of all these, a perfect God worked with them to orchestrate the greatest story of salvation.

The bible may be old, but it offers timeless wisdom and inspiration still relevant today. However, may the bible not only be a source of quotes or inspirational words, but be our way of life. I pray that as we journey through the entire bible, we may have a clear and firm biblical worldview, just like what the saints had to see the world in the eyes of faith and live life in the lens of scriptures.

Indeed, the Bible is an amazing book that we should all spend time reading. And in this podcast, Fr. Mike will help us read through God’s word in 365 episodes, together with insightful commentaries, reflections, and prayer.

If you have already listened and subscribed to this podcast, great! But if you still haven’t, it is not too late to begin. Episodes are numbered, not dated, so feel free to listen to this amazing 16 to 25 minutes podcast at your own pace.

What are you waiting for? Go to Spotify or iTunes and start listening to Fr. Mike now! Together, let us journey with Fr. Mike for a year and support each other in prayer as we grow closer to God by immersing ourselves into the Sacred Scripture.

Do not miss this marvelous opportunity to take a giant leap to holiness! Experience the transformative power of God’s word in your daily life. 

Arlan Catuday is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the region of Visayas.

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