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The Inscrutable Wisdom of God – a book of comparison and contrast, cause and effect, and a showcase of real truth versus distorted ones – has brought a light to my perspective of authentic servant leadership. This book is practical yet radical. It reminds me of how a servant leader should think and act in every situation that he/she is in, makes him/her being of Christ.

Discussing the radical call and ways to holiness and authentic Christianity made me realize that we are taking part in the greatness of God. We are being called to love radically because God has offered His radical love. I was thinking of the example of St. Paul. He was used and inspired by the Holy Spirit then was content in his state – being weak, insulted, and was experiencing hardships for the cause of Christ. He was full of the Holy Spirit that instead of praying that God will let him overcome all these, He was encouraged to strive for Christian perfection even with the presence of these negativities because he trusted God so much. 

In some parts of this book, I felt that it’s scary to become a servant leader because it was discussed that when you are trying to become a great and authentic servant leader, you’ll be given heavy tasks and responsibilities, you’ll feel greater pressure and expectations, and you’ll experience a lot of trials and tribulations. But keeping in mind that embracing all these will bring us to Christ and glory, just like St. Paul, we will also thrive and strive to be with God from now to eternity.

But since we are just human beings, there might come a time when we may fail and hurt the people around us and even God. The world dictates and believes in a wrong perspective of what a servant is. That’s why it is a struggle for us to really understand and practice this in a way that is acceptable in God’s eyes.

Denying oneself, in the concept of vanity, security, and having more, really caught my attention. This is what I’ve been thinking about these past few weeks – what I am earning now is way lesser than my income when I was still working in a school. I was then dreaming of having my own car at the age of 25 and my own house at the age of 28 years old. But since I have prayed for and decided to be a Fulltime Missionary Worker, I have lifted these dreams to God but kept on haunting me because of our family’s financial situation now that we are in the pandemic. Upon reading this book, I was reminded that God is only my security. Yes, my family’s financial capabilities have changed, but God, who is in control of everything and has a greater plan for my family, knows what we are going through and has the best intentions for us.

I’ve come to a realization that if being authentic Christian entails love, then love is connected to servant leadership. Love and a true servant leader bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. If a servant leader is rooted in Christ, then he/she will ever fail. Alongside practicing all these with a joyful heart, this book affirmed me of the verse that I was holding onto as a servant leader that came from John 15: 13, “There’s no greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friend,” is true.

Truly, we cannot grasp everything that God lets us experience and comprehend. But actually, part of God’s inscrutable wisdom is for us not to know everything because He wants us to practice humility. The decision is ours if we want the Father to have ownership in every aspect of ourselves, through humility, but we should anchor everything to God who has the last say and who knows everything.

Jovel Autor is a Full Time Pastoral Worker of MFC Youth serving as the Luzon Missions Coordinator.

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