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The CFC-YFL Diocese of Paranaque has been serving with the diocesan commission on youth for approximately four years now. It is with much joy and gratitude that we are given the chance to be part of it. YFL has been serving through major diocesan events such as Mission Possible (Annual Diocesan Youth gathering), Takbo para kay Kristo(Advocacy-based fun run spearheaded by DCOY), and  Uno Per Cristo(Annual Gathering of Transparochial groups). Some of our coordinators and Servant leaders in YFL and SFL have been blessed to be part of the core that serves as the group that leads TCOY (Transparochial Commission on Youth) for its planning and implementation.

Through the years of serving the Church through activities and fellowship with our brothers and sisters it is right to say that indeed it is a blessing. Being of service to the Diocese bring blessings to our community as we share our charism, gifts, talents and resources we also get blessed by theirs. As we serve with different lay communities, we are able to appreciate the different charisms of each group. We may serve in different ways and may differ in structure, but our service through the Church made it clear to us that we belong to one body, the Body of Christ, the Catholic Church. It is God’s providence that we are able to be one in serving him through diocesan efforts. The privilege of being able to share the blessings that God has given us as a community brings joy as we are able to really affect lives through the things we’ve learned in our own community, CFC-FFL.

One great blessing that we get from the service is the good relationships that we are able to establish with everyone we serve with. From fellow youth leaders to priests handling youth commissions in the diocese we gain friends as we serve. It opened the way for us to serve in the parishes, little by little in areas our YFL members can serve. In some vicariates in the diocese our YFL servants are part of regular meetings and part of the implementations of the program. Also, there are parishes that our YFLs serve as a music ministry in mass.

The youth of today are in need of proper direction and pastoral care from their families, society and the Church. Given the impact that the media has on the lives of our young men and women, it is inevitable that if it’s the influence they hear and get most of the time they would a live by the ways of the world. CFC-YFL is blessed to have a deep and wide selection of manuals for pastoral formation programs to help guide the young of today. That’s why it is what we offer to our brothers and sisters in the Diocese. Thank God, we are able to implement our Youth Camp programs as part of their formation/retreat programs in some parishes without them being part of the YFL. The Live pure movement of our community has really been a blessing; we have been invited to conduct overnight retreats for parishes and the likes.

It is great to serve in and with the Church. It’s not just because we are able to share what we know and have as a community but more likely because we are being one with them amidst the diversity our charisms. The blessing of the inspiration that we are not alone in winning souls back to God is a great empirical experience we get from this service. Yes, we serve and give in all this but it doesn’t compare to what we are able to have in return, being strongly connected to the bigger Body of Christ, the Catholic Church.

By: Joi Villas (YFL Mission Volunteer)

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