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In this time of quarantine, we are all asked to take our part in this fight against COVID-19 by simply staying home and I thought, it has never been this easy to help save the world. Then I came upon one of Mother Teresa’s quotes, “if you want to bring happiness to the whole world, go home and love your family.” This reminded me that more than just staying home, we are all challenged to make the most out of our time by deepening our relationship with the ones closest to us, which is our family.

Weeks have passed and every day has been an affirmation of God’s grace through my family. The Lord reminds me that in times of uncertainty, we are all vulnerable, thus, we cling unto hope, which is only found in Jesus. It’s natural that this crisis poses panic and anxiety and my family is not exempted from these negative thoughts. We usually find ourselves dwelling into the daily news, which stirs up fear and tempts us to feel hopeless. Being sulked into the noise makes us feel frustrated not only of the external factors, but sometimes, also of each other. Thankfully, the Lord makes Himself present through online Eucharistic celebrations, devotions, and teachings that remind us that we truly have no control over the situation and only God can take over. Also, through our daily family prayer time, we learn that despite our worries, we strive to remain hopeful not only for ourselves but for each other.

The Lord also reminds me that despite being  physically distant, we should never be socially and spiritually detached from one another. This is the time to be connected more than ever especially because not all of us are dealing with this crisis easily. Yes, we are asked to stay home with our families but it is not enough that we sit around doing nothing for others. Mother Teresa says that “ the problem with our world is that we draw the circle of family too small”, which limits us from being compassionate of others. May we be reminded that we are one family in Christ and right now, we have family members outside their homes who need our help. I am grateful that my family, along with some other friends from the community, has been reaching out to the needy by calling for donations to provide for their needs. I am affirmed that we are all called to draw strength from one other and that we can only surpass this crisis when we are one.

The process may be long and frightful, but we continue to ask God to be present in our homes. During this time, may we learn to love deeper, to pray more fervently, and to be a source of hope for our loved ones. The way we can all help heal the world is by starting with our own families, so stay home and love your family.

Azel Lorena is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the L.I.T program.

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