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Last june 23,2013 the whole community of CFC-FFL celebrated their 32nd Anniversary at the Ynares Sports Arena in Antipolo City. The theme of the event was entitled FAITH ON FIRE, which was based on the community’s theme for the whole year: FAITH, WORKS, WONDERS. I, together with my parents who was also active and loyal members of CFC-FFL had been greatly privileged to attend this wonderful event.

In this celebration, I had experienced God’s overflowing love and have also seen God’s plans being fulfilled in the entire community. I also had a great time visiting the booths prepared by the Tito’s and Tita’s of different Districts. I saw KFLs and CFCs who were joyfully and gladly dancing for the Lord and who very active in worshiping our God.

But for me, the most memorable part of the event is when we watched all the heartwarming FAITH STORIES. But the story that strikes me the most is about Tito Jose Dela Cruz who was a street sweeper and who doesn’t know how to read and write. Not having education didn’t stop him to completely serve and love the lord with all his heart. That made me realize that you don’t have to know everything just to serve and love the Lord, because all you need is to just give your BEST in serving God. Even the most knowledgeable person in the world could never beat you! Because with the love of God and you by His side, you can always be the best that you can be!

Also, I will never forget the experience of seeing the whole community lightening their candles which symbolized their faith ON FIRE! It was a very wonderful moment seeing the whole community strengthening their faith in the Lord and telling Him that “there’s no place we would rather be than here in His love!”

I have to say that the community has been a gift to me through CFC YFL . Since the time that I joined YFL I become more and more in love with the Lord each day of my life. I also became a better person, more responsible and also a more loving daughter to my Parents and a loving sister to my siblings.

And most of all, the community helps me strengthen my faith each time and to always keep it ON FIRE. Because the community has been a gift to me, I have also become a gift to others. I had a chance to evangelize other youths like me by telling them how the Lord truly loves them and how God fulfills His greater plans for them. His plans for our future is so full of hope. It is always a great privilege for me to see other youths like me being more and more in love with the Lord and to see how He truly works wonders in all of our lives.

I also became a gift through the things that I have learned from our Live Pure Forums which I can share to other people. All in all, the community has been a gift to me because it has taught me a lot of good things which I can live and share to the whole world! I must say that I have become a gift to others because of the guidance of the whole community of CFC-FFL, teaching me how to LIVE And SHARE CHRIST!

Mary Angelie Vallano, CFCYFL Paranaque

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