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I searched for the meaning of inscrutable. It means impossible to understand or interpret. This is the kind of wisdom of God possesses – an inscrutable wisdom. Most of the time I feel like God is telling me that everything I know, even if I plan hard and carefully He will still have a better plan. It is true when Tito Frank emphasized in Corinthians that God will set aside the wisdom and the learning of all the wise and learned. Because indeed, in Isaiah, His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways. Evan after all of these, I admit that there are still a lot of things I do not know and understand in my calling and the mission that I do.

Here are Seven Inscrutable things that I realized in this book, The Inscrutable Wisdom of God


Inscrutable Love

His wisdom applies to all even to the most essential part which is love. God is love Himself. Tito Frank reminded us what kind of love we are going to have if we follow the inscrutable wisdom of God. It is not the usual love story that we see on movies or not the kind of love that we world is teaching us now. The love that we are to embrace is a love that desires the good of the other. A love that sacrifices. A love that forgives. A love that expects nothing in return. But this love also hates the evil and acts justice accordingly. This is a kind of love I myself is having a hard time understanding of maybe fail to practice. But the Lord is constantly reminding us of all these things. He is indeed making Himself as an example to that point that our lives should be anchored to Him. He is reminding us that we live our lives for Him and we die for Him.


Inscrutable Humility

This book has a lot of oxymoron. Two opposite words or phrase that when joint together can form a new meaning; that is an oxymoron. Through this, Jesus is teaching us that true greatness can be attained in taking the way of Humility. Only in humility we can become fully dependent on God. Dependence on God is accepting that fact that we are were slaves and servants and we only do what we are supposed to be doing. Thus we are called to be servant to all. Following the way of Christ is being ready to serve anytime anywhere without questions asked.

Humility also happens when we accept the fact that in our weakness we find strength in God. Yes we are weak but God’s power is made perfect in our weaknesses. It takes great maturity and humility to accept that we are nothing without our God. Our pride is something that we need to set aside if we truly want to become one with the Lord. Because we cannot comprehend His wisdom, we must be humble to accept that in surrendering to Him and His plans we can truly attain the greatness the He promised us.


Inscrutable Discipleship

A disciple is someone who listens and obeys but primarily a disciple is someone who denies himself and instead looks to God. We are called to be disciples and in discipleship we are to look to God and His work. As we do this we take up our crosses daily. This means that we say no to comfort of the world and the convenience that it offers. Our minds should be filled by the ways of God by spending time with Him. True disciples spend time with the Lord. We are also called to support our fellow disciple every time that they fall. In discipleship, it is okay to experience pains and lack everything now because we are sure that we will rejoice later as long as we obey and follow our God.


Inscrutable Mission

Our main task is to evangelize and do mission. Thus we are sent to be like sheep among the wolves. We are weak and we are faced with the wolves and lions that could kill us along the way of our mission. But we are also called to be serpents and be wise and know when to attack to evil can never prevail us. As we serve we will experience conflicts also among our brethren we must look to it and respond in a Christian way. Our mission is tough and difficult that is why we are to stick together and continue to do the extra mile. It doesn’t matter if we have been here for the longest time or we have just responded today. It doesn’t matter if you were called first or last. What matters most is the one who called us. He loves us equally and rewards us equally. Endure everything that we encounter and always keep our eyes focused on Christ. He is with us. He will guide us every step of the way.


Inscrutable Spiritual Battle

We are in a spiritual battle. We have known this since our youth camp days. We are called to victory by our God. From the very start, He has won this battle for us. Thought sometimes during our mission life we will stumble and fall but the Lord is reminding us to stand up and come back stronger. God will be guiding our steps. We will fall from time to time, we will be defeated from time to time but we should always go back to God. Same us when we commit sin, we always go to confession. The key to winning this battle is by surrendering everything to the Lord Jesus Christ. Allow Jesus to take control of your life. Yes we will suffer, yes we will be wounded, but God is with us. We are wounded healers. We fight and continue the battle. Galatians 6:9 let us not grow tired of doing good because in due time we will reap our harvest of we do not give up.


Inscrutable Calling

Our calling is the cross. From the very start of my mission life I was called to embrace this cross -Heavy, dirty, ugly. But this cross is for me. I am to embrace and carry it daily while fixing my eyes on Jesus. Luke 9:33 says deny yourself, take up your cross daily and follow God. Following God is imitating God. Imitating Him is embracing cross and suffering. We are to boast of our sufferings because our sufferings lead us to Christ. We are to endure to the very end. Part also of our calling is to forgive others and ask for forgiveness. Though it is hard to do but God showed us the way. He forgives us and keeps no record of our wrongs. It is God who comforts us in this battle and in in the mission that we do. Yes we suffer now, we are persecuted now, but this is all nothing compared to what the Lord has for us.


Inscrutable Assurance

Matthew 6:33 is my life verse and this book has really been personal to me. From the suffering, the calling, the mission and the assurance. It is true – we seek Him first and everything is added unto us. That is why in our mission even though we do not understand, do not be afraid to give more because he something more to offer. In the mission do not be afraid to give your all, because in the first place He has given his all. Don’t be afraid to have nothing because He suffices. This is the assurance of the Lord. We give everything, He return it thousand times more.

Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you. Find Him first, love Him first. And then He will give everything to you. And that everything is also Him. All that you desire all that you long for is Him.

We cannot fully understand now. We cannot comprehend now. But this is what it truly is. This is how God loves us. This is how God is sends us. This is how God uses us for the mission. This is the inscrutable wisdom of God.

DR Arellano is a Full-Time Pastoral Worker for MFC Youth serving as the area servant of NCR East and as the LIT National Coordinator. 

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