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When I started reading the book, The Inscrutable Wisdom of God, there’s only one thing that I thought of–I was so amazed by how our Servant General, Tito Frank Padilla wrote it. It never crossed my mind that there’s someone out there who can compile the inscrutable wisdom of God from the Holy Bible in a brief book. I’ve been reading the bible for many years and I have highlighted most of the verses written in it but I never thought that you can compile those! If God has an inscrutable wisdom, Tito Frank has an inscrutable mind.

Having said this, it made me realize that I am so blessed to be part of the community, Missionary Families of Christ. I am blessed to be able to serve as a full-time missionary in this community headed by Tito Frank. His wisdom goes to show that his charism is from the Lord. He is in the right place because He was appointed by God to head our community. 

I started young in the community. My family is very active up until now because my dad has been serving as a full-time missionary since I was a kid. I am blessed because I grew up knowing the importance of having a good relationship with God. But there also came a time that I went away from the community because I was living a double life. I thought that I will never be able to go back again as an active member but lo, and behold, God used people to win me back again. To cut the long story short, I had dark moments in my life but God called me later on to become a full-time missionary. I am worthless, but I am worthy in His eyes. Wow, how inscrutable His wisdom is!

It didn’t stop there! He continued calling me. At present, I have been serving as a full-time missionary for almost 9 years. Two years ago, one of our elders told me that they were proposing to appoint me as the new coordinator of MFC Youth. When I first heard this, just like when God called me to become a missionary, I wanted to say NO! I thought that the responsibility was too big for me. I am not good enough for that position. There were a lot of things that I needed to learn. I loved what I was already doing in the singles ministry. I am married and my wife and I are both serving as missionaries. I thought that supporting her as head of Mission Studios would be enough. I thought that it was enough that there’s only one ministry head between us two. During that time, I prayed to God. I asked Him, how could it be possible? Again, unworthiness struck me. But to cut the long story short, God called me again, I said yes even though I had a lot of fears in my heart. Sometimes, I cannot understand His ways and the only thing that you can do is to surrender and let God control your life. How inscrutable His wisdom is!

Embracing this calling as a coordinator for two years now, I encountered a lot of challenges, doubts and fears in my decisions for the ministry. Relationships are being tested. It challenged my obedience and a lot more. But after reading this book, I realized that being a servant, you will and need to experience these challenges. Through sufferings, you will have a glimpse of the perspective of Christ. It is through moments of trials that you will only experience what the Lord experienced during His passion. We always pray that we may be like Christ and Christ gave us this opportunity to suffer with Him so at the end of the day, if you look at yourself in the mirror, you will not see yourself anymore, rather you will see Jesus. The only goal for us here on earth is heaven but we have to earn it through the cross. How inscrutable His wisdom is!

Julius Eguia is a Full Time Coordinator of Missionary Families of Christ serving as the national coordinator of MFC Youth.

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