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I came into the conference just less than two weeks after my college graduation. I was on a very shaky ground that time. I had so many questions, so many fears, and so many uncertainties. I just left a chapter of my life and was (or still am) transitioning into a new one. One that I barely know about. So I made it a goal to find answers during the YFL Conference. Even before we left for Lucban, I had already asked God to talk to me through that event, hoping that He’d finally give me answers. The answers that I was expecting were more along the lines like “My dear child, I am calling [you] to be this…” And I really believed that those were the answers that I was going to get. But my God always, always knows what is best for me. And even if I think I am ready for whatever He wants to tell me, the truth is, I will never be. He has a knack for surprises.

What I thought was a flood of answers and clarity on the first night ended up to be another resolution. A promise. Instead of giving me direct and specific answers, God asked me for one thing. To trust Him. To have faith. And so before the first day ended, I made a pact with myself and with God that I was going to make the rest of the conference and the rest of my life more about Him. Enough with my own fears. Enough with my own questions. He is the reason I live. He is the reason for everything. And as soon as I made that promise, I felt a lot better. Less burdened. More at peace.

The YFL Conference was a very, very affirming experience for me. The first night alone transformed the posture of my heart. And the more I lost myself in His great love, the more certain I felt about what’s in store for me and my future. That weekend changed the way I saw and accepted the new changes in my life. I was constantly reminded to fear nothing, to not worry about anything, because I have a God who loves me so much and through Him, anything is possible. He already has my future set up. He has already prepared a path for me. All I have to do was trust Him. And I am so blessed to have been there at the conference and to be a part of this beautiful community because they make living by faith so much easier. I know that there will always be people I can go to whenever my faith gets shaken and that I can always go back to the things I learned during the YFL Con to remind me of that promise He made with me. It was also such a sight to see other people my age proclaiming His greatness. And at that moment, I felt foolish for those days when I thought I was “alone.” Because I never really was. I have this community. And I have a great God.

By Kaycee Melon, District of Dumaguete

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