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Almost a week after Valentine’s Day, on February 20, 2014, the UST College of Nursing had a Post-Valentine Special Session and invited the Live Pure Movement to share a love forum for some of the fourth year students. The event took place at the Nursing Auditorium, San Martin de Porres building, University of Santo Tomas.





The program started with a short recap of Valentine’s day from the masters of ceremony followed by a worship led by a YFL member, Aegean Ramirez and finally, the talk that was given by Kuya Fyron Umali. The speaker’s enthusiasm and the students’ lively participation have made the experience a whole lot enjoyable and worthwhile. The love forum has sustained another batch of students the true meaning of love that be found in Jesus Christ as well as the important reminders for the youth today.

Some of the most moving points are: It is important that we realize God’s love and be able to respond to His love to be able to share that love to others; appreciate our God-given appearances and capabilities to be freed from insecurities; setting our own list of measures that our better half must meet for a relationship that can be worth keeping; and lastly, lifting up the paths of our life to God –whether it be to married life, single blessedness or  priesthood –that the blessing of discernment may be sent forth to us so we may distinguish our true calling.





As quoted from Kuya Fyron, “Who is the best example of love? It is Jesus Christ in the cross –a love that is sacrificial, selfless and unconditional”. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, may the participants be able to apply to their lives the wisdom they have gained and may the Live Pure Movement continue to move people’s lives toward real freedom, true love, total happiness and most especially to the love of Jesus Christ.

News-ed by Gail Petterson, UST Campus

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