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Spanish in origin, the two words is literally translated to ‘church visit’. It is the tradition of old Christian world of going to seven churches during Maundy Thursday. Apparently originating from Rome, where devotees visit seven churches for penance and adoration of the holy sacrament. The following churches are said to be Saint John Lateran, Saint Peter, Saint Mary Major, Saint Paul-outside-the-Walls, Saint Lawrence Outside the Walls, Holy Cross-in-Jerusalem, and Saint Sebastian Outside the Walls.
cha third: The latter however was changed to the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Divine in 2000 by the late Pope John Paul II.

In the Philippines, Visita Iglesia is well-established during the holy week; some may expand it to fourteen churches to say the station of the cross, with one station in every church. Other times, students who are to take licensure examination go visita iglesia to 7-13 churches to ask for God’s guidance and as well as luck.

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