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Tinay Mamaril
YFL Mission Volunteer

yfl lasalleIt was out of sheer passion to make God’s love real to their peers that a small group decided to start the campus program of Youth for Family and Life. YFL Full-time worker Dylan Reyes inspired the few who chose to answer to the call to serve in the campuses, sharing with them God’s vision for their various schools.

After their first meeting on August 16 2008 to establish their plans and concretize their next steps, the formulation of the campus core followed shortly with a campus core overnight, where the team bonded and shared their visions and plans for their various campuses. It did not stop there. Fervent with zeal, the members of the campus core, initiated households in La Salle-Taft, Katipunan (Ateneo, UP and Miriam), U-Belt and UA&P to make the existing YFL members in these campuses feel the call to evangelize and to be Jesus in whatever school they are studying in.

Despite their small number, and difficult schedules, these YFL made the first step in their schools, making it known that YFL was in their campus, and they were there to stay. They gathered together to have their household meetings, coming from different districts, and various walks of life but all carrying the same purpose and desire to worship God.

Now, God calls them to do bigger things. In the upcoming events of YFL, they plan to make noise about God’s love and to make more people aware of their presence. In spite of the challenges presented to the YFL campus core, the first step they took promises a lot. Who says God can’t get do much with what little we’ve got?

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