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Have you ever played an unfamiliar song then eventually became your daily motivation to wake up and to move forward? Or have you ever heard a song that you felt God was speaking to you? Have you? Because I always have. 

Huwag kang bibitaw

Huwag kang aayaw

Hayaan mo, lilipas din ang gabing ito

Huwag mawawala

Ngiti sa’yong mukha

Matatapos din itong panahong kay gulo

This first verse of the song “Umaga” by The Juans hooked me. Not being biased because it is an original Pinoy music (OPM), but because of the message of it. This is an upbeat song but when I first heard this, I cried. 

I first encountered this song when I was looking for a piece of background music for one of our events in Laguna. Our goal was to give hope to people despite the pandemic (actually, during that time, the pandemic just started). In those days, people were adjusting to the new normal and found the situation as unpleasant as it is because we cannot do what we normally do. But this song gave hype to the people while waiting for the program to start.

After that, I continuously listened to it, which I can proudly say became one of the songs of my life. I listen to it when I am doing my morning routine–before praying, sweeping the floor, even while washing the dishes! Slowly, I am getting the vibe that it has which is seeing light in every dark moment of our lives. It is not just concerning the pandemic but even the inner secrets that we keep hiding in ourselves.

Huwag mong iisipin

Lagi na lang ganito, magulo

Lahat ay gagawin ko

Para sa’yo

Sa huli ay tayo

Things may look like a cycle of events–happy, sad, happy, sad, happy, and sad again. This song spoke to me powerfully, feeling that the above-mentioned verse was God speaking to me. He is assuring me that things will be better. That the world will soon be better because at the end of the day, whatever happens, it is YOU and the LORD at the end of each story. 

Maria Jesusa Castillo is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the Luzon Missions Team.

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