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3 years ago, when I was in my first year in college, my theology professor told our class to make a paper answering the question, “Where do you see God?”

Ever since I became a High School Braveheart, yes, I felt so happy and blessed but I can’t deny the fact that my life got intensely harder. I have to balance every aspect of my life. I am child to my parents and a brother to my sisters. I am a 4th year Chemical Engineering student in a trimestral school. Add to that the thesis that I still am in the progress of finishing. I need to attend and be active in all the church organizations that I am in. I still have to support the activities in my District as part of the District Core. And as a duty of a High School Braveheart, I go to different schools just to monitor our club meetings and to talk to teachers and administrators. All of these and many more, I must do excellently so that I can be a good example of a true servant to other people and make God known to them. Sometimes it makes me think what made me do all these things. Then I go back to my answer to the question of my professor, “I see God in the faces of the people around me”. Because of this service, I was literally able to see God in the faces of other people especially high school students. And whenever I feel so burdened and exhausted, I just tell myself, “I see God in them, they need to know how much they are loved and I won’t stop until they themselves see the face of God Himself.”

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