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“There was no needy person among them.” – Acts 4:34

Found. Changed. Moved.

Last April 10 to 12, over 2,000 of the Youth for Family and Life (YFL) gathered at the Malolos Convention Center to celebrate this year’s World Youth Congress in Malolos, Bulacan.

For a span of three days and two nights, the youth encountered Jesus and his cross in the numerous activities held during the conference. Workshops were held to help in nourishing further the spiritual life of the youth, such as vocational workshops, Live Pure workshops, and even workshops that will help them in facilitating different activities in their parishes. Not only that, but two unique events were held during the conference: Arcadia and Kaleidoscope night, which were both nights of music, dancing and fellowship among the youth.




Jesus Encounter

An encounter with Jesus renews faith, brings hope and increases our capacity to love others, and especially the poor—these are things that were emphasized the first night during the first session, given by Julius Eguia.

In this session, the youth were reminded how encountering Jesus gives a life of fulfillment: one that is full of abundance, of joy and of holiness.




False Encounter

Despite encountering Jesus, however, frustrations come our way that hinder us from experience a life to the fullest. This was discussed by the second speaker, Roliet Deo Arellano, on the second night.

According to him, it is because of being stubborn, selfish and timid that a person develops a poverty mindset. Yet, there is hope, because this mindset can be conquered with the mindset of embracing the kingdom. It is this mindset that brings about unity in vision and mission, stewardship and servanthood.




Cross Encounter

“There is a need for every youth to have a Cross Encounter!” this was the topic discussed for the last session during the last day, by Dylan Reyes, as a culmination for the whole WYC.

It was in this session that the importance of the Cross, and the poor was discussed together. It is by the Cross that the passion, death, and resurrection is represented; that Jesus died for men so that they may have him; that reminds men of encountering God’s great love; and that the suffering of the poor is represented.

This year, as the Catholic Church celebrated the Year of the Poor, so are the youth called to go and serve the more unfortunate brothers and sisters by building the Church of the poor. The call to build a Church where no one is need can be done by giving life, giving love and, of course, sharing Jesus to others.

No one in need—it is by this goal that the youth are now called.

Relive the experience . . .



Witness the different encounters . . .

































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